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Learn about RPA

Robotic process automation (RPA) software is combined by user interface recognition technologies and business process execution. It can simulate the human operations’ (such as mouse clicks and keystrokes) drive applications and process execution work. Sometimes it can be designed for application to application automation as a software-based robotic operation. It is a type of automation that needs structured data for working process.

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What will iS-RPA bring to you?

More efficient work

It can replace you to deal with a large number of repetitive and cumbersome processes, making your workflow more simplified and more efficient.

Less mistakes

The robot simulating human-controlled operations is a fixed program, which will greatly reduce mistakes in your process work, with both highly quantity and quality.

Higher satisfaction

Reduce operation response time and give customer feedback quickly. With the improvement of customer satisfaction, your competitiveness will also be significantly improved.

Lower costs

While reducing redundant working time, it will allocate resources more reasonably, minimize waste of resources, and lower costs.

More compliant operation

Simulate manual operation, reduce subjective factors, provide evidence for your work, meet auditing compliance requirements, and make your work more orderly.


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