Enterprise Platform

We provide intelligent and standardized solutions, helping you achieve outstanding business automation

Discovery and Evaluation

Capable of in-depth analysis and optimization of processes to enhance efficiency and accuracy


We enhance efficiency, achieve business process automation, optimization, and high scalability


Industry Solutions

Deeply involved in industries such as finance, energy, manufacturing, etc

General Solutions

Cases and solutions for departments or business functions such as finance、HR、and customer service

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Hyperautomation Platform

The i-Search Hyperautomation Platform will become a powerful enabler for your digital transformation and business, offering you with hyper automation capabilities from discovery, evaluation, building, running, to operation. i-Search will provide you with a comprehensive solution from process automation to business operation automation.

discovery · evaluation construction · running operation

discovery assessment

See through the entire enterprise process to discover the best opportunities for automation.

Build and run

Build end-to-end automation to improve process efficiency; All you need is just a click to get started, and no coding is required.


Develop operational standards and optimize your business processes using data created through automated processes.

Hand over Your Work to i-Search

Say goodbye to redundant repetition and tedious boredom, break through monotony, and make work simpler and more efficient

According to the survey issued by Gartner, it is a general trend for enterprises to apply hyperautomation technology

Intelligent financial solutions案

gartnerIntelligent financial solutions

The financial field is a highly digitized field. Since the advent of ERP System, financial staff have been using digital means to improve the efficiency of financial work. In the financial field, there is a huge amount of digital information, simple yet repetitive processes, and numerous system platforms. How can RPA be used to help our financial staff?

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Hyperautomation solutions

gartnerHyperautomation solutions

Hyperautomation is a combination of robotic process automation, process mining, intelligent business process management, and other technologies, and is a further extension of the concept of intelligent process automation; it enables automated processing of massive business and effectively improves the efficiency and quality of business flow.

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Standard Scenario, Out of the Box

Douyin reconciliation robot reconciliation robot

Bank online banking robot

Kingdee Robot

Meituan reconciliation robot

Nanjing Bank Robot

Qimai reconciliation robot

WeChat reconciliation robot

UnionPay banking robot

Alipay reconciliation robot

Win the Trust and Choice of Customers from Fortune 500

Voice of Customers

Yi Sian Deputy General Manager of Sinopec Sharing Nanjing Branch

RPM+RPA+AI, Helping SINOPEC Move Towards Hyperautomation

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Yu Shumin ICBC Asia Deputy General Manager of Operation Management Department

Explore the Best Practices of RPA Coe in Banking Industry

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Gao Ruhai Pacific Insurance Group General Manager of Science and Technology Innovation Center

Explore Hyperautomation, Write a New Chapter of “Smart Factory 2.0”

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Pacific Insurance Group

i-Milestones of i-Search

Two i-Search’s Major Customers Have Been Selected as IDC RPA+AI Best Practice Cases. Will RPA+AI Bring New Opportunities for Intelligent Workflow?

As a leading enterprise in the RPA field, i-Search, together with China Guangfa Bank and Sinopec Shared Services Co., Ltd., has been selected for the RPA+AI case report due to its outstanding performance in practice, providing a strong reference for more financial and energy institutions to promote the implementation of RPA+AI technology and achieve business transformation and upgrading.

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