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We provide intelligent and standardized solutions, helping you achieve outstanding business automation

Discovery and Evaluation

Capable of in-depth analysis and optimization of processes to enhance efficiency and accuracy


We enhance efficiency, achieve business process automation, optimization, and high scalability


Industry Solutions

Deeply involved in industries such as finance, energy, manufacturing, etc

General Solutions

Cases and solutions for departments or business functions such as finance、HR、and customer service

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i-Search Solution Advantages

Complete Repetitive Tasks across Multiple Systems

Simulate human operations across multiple systems, transforming repetitive business operation processes into fully automated business flows.

Reduce Operating Costs, Increase Organizational Efficiency

Handle of a large volume of energy trading businesses efficiently, reducing enterprise errors and costs, and improving business process efficiency.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Handle customer call services 7*24 hours, significantly reducing customer response times.

Application Scenarios

i-Search RPA effectively improves the operational efficiency of energy enterprises, promoting the digital transformation of the industry

Financial Management

Energy enterprises usually implement a station-level accounting model, and daily financial clearing and fund management pose tremendous pressure on financial outlets. iS-RPA can assist the finance department in achieving automated certification, gas station fund settlement, automatic receivables clearing, and other automated processes, maximizing the reduction of error rates and overdue rates.

Operations Management

The intensive operation management model of energy enterprises brings a large number of operational tasks such as manpower, finance, contracts, and management to the operations department. iS-RPA reduces manpower costs and improves work efficiency by replacing manual handling of repetitive tasks.

Production Management

During drilling production, energy enterprises need to monitor real-time and effective data on production progress, drilling speed, and drilling equipment. iS-RPA can connect in real-time with multiple information systems such as drilling, equipment, and pipelines for data collection and automation processing.

Procurement Management

The procurement department is involved in a large amount of data comparison work in daily processes such as inquiries, price comparisons, and contract signing. iS-RPA achieves automated management of procurement business from scenarios such as supplier qualification management, batch inquiries, and historical price analysis.

Customer Service

Delayed handling of customer service issues leads to complaints and decreased satisfaction. iS-RPA improves response speed and enhances customer experience through automated customer complaint handling, fault reporting, form maintenance, and other business scenarios.

Voice of the customer

RPM+RPA+AI Empowers Sinopec's 'Enjoy Dangdang' Towards Hyperautomation

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Contribute to the construction of smart grid and digital grid

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RPA, improve quality and efficiency and optimize nuclear power project management

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中石化Sinopec Group

南方电网China Southern Power Grid


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Efficient, cost-effective, and maximal achievement of enterprise operational automation.


Behavior Analysis Platform

Provides a real and objective presentation while tracking and analyzing employee operational behavior, helping businesses prevent information leaks, avoid commercial fraud, and improve the quality of customer service and employee work efficiency.


iS-RPM Process mining

The data for process mining comes from the underlying information in the system. All these different ERP systems, unstructured data formats, and information black holes can make it difficult for you to understand your business processes accurately and dynamically.


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Comprehensive use of UI + AI + API and other automation technologies, with dialogue generation process, dialogue generation code, intelligent recommendation components, drag-and-drop interface, low-code design, and many other features, to quickly build automated business processes.


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