Enterprise Platform

We provide intelligent and standardized solutions, helping you achieve outstanding business automation

Discovery and Evaluation

Capable of in-depth analysis and optimization of processes to enhance efficiency and accuracy


We enhance efficiency, achieve business process automation, optimization, and high scalability


Industry Solutions

Deeply involved in industries such as finance, energy, manufacturing, etc

General Solutions

Cases and solutions for departments or business functions such as finance、HR、and customer service

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Advantages of i-Search’s Solutions

Lower Labor and Time Costs

Realize automated information entry and verification to save manual processing time, replease manpower, and improve business efficiency.

Better and faster customer service

Provide faster response times, reduce customer wait times, and improve customer service via simplifying and automating daily operations.

Automated customer support

Timely processing customer service orders, automatically complete the screening, summarization and other works, and give feedback to the responsible business personnel for processing.

Breaking down Data Silos with Non-Intrusive Applications

No system reconstruction is required; RPA can link multiple systems and platform data, automating previously tedious manual operations.

Application Scenarios

By intelligently and automatically streamlining processes, i-Search helps banks accelerate their digital transformation

Operations Management

The iS-RPA automated execution process can be used to carry out tasks such as PBOC data submission and reconciliation of internal card accounts and pending cancellation accounts, and employees only need to check the final processing results, which significantly enhances efficiency and accuracy.


In e-finance, there are numerous financial products that require employees to perform updates and routine maintenance. iS-RPA can support automatic parsing of pending maintenance data and email subjects and automatic entry of information; employees only need to monitor the final operational status.

Planning and Finance

For works such as invoice authentication and voucher generation, there exist pain points such as lack of interaction of platform data information, and the simple, large and cumbersome processes. With iS-RPA, overall efficiency can be doubled.

Personal Finance

Processes such as pre-loan review and collection work orders involve a wide range of information types and a large number of work orders, which are time-consuming and prone to errors when handled manually. A combined RPA+OCR solution can effectively free up manpower.

Risk Control

For monitoring suspicious transactions in the anti-money laundering, iS-RPA robots can be utilized to automatically query for basic customer information, customer transaction records, and risk alerts.

Information Technology

In order to ensure the normal operation of the systems or various applications, maintenance personnel are required to carry out regular inspections, which can be highly time-sensitive and stressful. After deploying iS-RPA, maintenance personnel only need to focus on resolving anomalies.

Asset Management

Manual handling of reconciliation data between multiple accounts under the same cardholder can be tedious and time-consuming, often affecting the outsourcing time of subsequent cases. iS-RPA can effectively reduce the workload in this regard.

Voice of the customer

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Behavior Analysis Platform

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iS-RPM Process mining

The data for process mining comes from the underlying information in the system. All these different ERP systems, unstructured data formats, and information black holes can make it difficult for you to understand your business processes accurately and dynamically.


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