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i-Search Solution Advantages

Automate Transactional Work to Reduce Enterprise Operating Costs

The manufacturing industry involves a large volume of intricate and clearly defined basic transactional tasks, such as invoice recognition and attendance performance assessments.

Break Down Data Silos and Connect Multiple Application Systems

Within enterprises, there are hundreds of sub-systems operating, leading to data fragmentation and a large number of cross-system data entry and verification operations.

Promote Process Automation and Linking Multiple Departmental Collaborations

The internal organization of manufacturing enterprises is complex, with detailed division of labor and significant functional differences between departments.

Application Scenarios

iS-RPA helps enterprises quickly achieve the automation upgrade of processes, improving operational efficiency and reducing operating costs

Production Manufacturing

The Bill of Materials (BOM) is a crucial data file in the manufacturing industry, serving as the basis for the computer to identify materials. Any negligence could result in errors in material planning, logistics requirements, and cost accounting. RPA can achieve BOM process automation, avoiding costly human errors.

Warehouse Logistics

In the warehousing process, there are numerous, even cross-system operations for checking information, querying data, and managing inventory. These tasks are characterized by a large amount of data and a single business action, making them suitable for implementing iS-RPA for end-to-end automated operation.

Orders Procurement

Internally, iS-RPA automatically retrieves quotation data, assisting procurement personnel in grasping trends in bulk commodity prices. Externally, iS-RPA automates supplier master data processing and creates sales orders based on demand, improving business timeliness.

Financial Planning

RPA can realize the comprehensive process automation management of voice collection, three-way matching, and payments, enhancing the efficiency of reconciliation process and shortening the settlement cycle.

Service and IT

RPA can automatically finish daily routine tasks such as data consistency audits, system account management, and employee information work orders handling, thus significantly reducing time costs, improving work efficiency, and lowering the error rate.

Human Resources

RPA can complete the automation of business processes such as attendance assessment, performance evaluation, bonus forms, and information entry within a fixed time frame every month, and minimize errors and omissions during cross-departmental and cross-system information interactions.

Voice of the customer

Boost the digitalization process of enterprises and build an intelligent future together

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Assist GPC to promote informatization construction

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RPA technology helps CHINT Group build a digital sharing center

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