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Index / News / According to the China RPA+AI—2022 Market Share Report issued by IDC, i-Search ranks second
According to the China RPA+AI—2022 Market Share Report issued by IDC, i-Search ranks second

According to the China RPA+AI—2022 Market Share Report issued by IDC, i-Search ranks second

On June 27th, the world's leading IT market research and consulting company (IDC) recently released the "China RPA+AI Market Share Report, 2022".

The report shows that the market size of RPA+AI in China in 2022 was $310 million, an increase of 19.2% compared to the previous year. It is expected that in the next few years, influenced by large models, AIGC, and other factors, the Chinese RPA+AI market will enter an explosive period, with a compound growth rate of over 60% in the next three years. 

The report shows that i-Search's RPA+AI solution has shown excellent performance in counter trend growth during the epidemic period, ranking second on the list with a market share of 10.0%! The business revenue growth rate is as high as 78.03%, becoming the fastest growing manufacturer! This outstanding achievement has made i-Search a major driving force for the growth of the RPA+AI market. 

The Mystery of Art Competition Flag's Countercurrent Growth

Despite the impact of the pandemic on the global economy, i-Search's market share has not been affected, but has shown a strong growth trend. Behind this success lies the continuous investment and innovation of i-Search in the RPA+AI field for a long time. 
01 Brave to Innovate and Seize Opportunities - Forging the Road of Hyperautomation in Art Competition Flag 
Only by being fully prepared can we seize broader market opportunities. With a keen perspective and foresight on industry development, i-Search has seen the key to winning the future for the enterprise, that is, continuously adapting to the development of the times, actively pursuing product innovation, and providing customers with better solutions. 
i-Search adheres to the product concept of "easy to learn, easy to use, and stable". Through ultra automated products such as iS-RPA, iS-RPM, and iS-CDA, it integrates the powerful capabilities of AI to provide enterprises with Hyperautomation solutions for "discovery, evaluation, construction, operation, and operation".

Shanghai i-Search Software Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 and is a dual software enterprise in Shanghai. It has obtained multiple software copyrights and jointly established i-Search AI Intelligence Research Institute with the School of Artificial Intelligence at Nanjing University, focusing on the possibility of RPA+AI application in the industry. After years of effort, outstanding achievements have been made in areas such as intelligent recognition, understanding behavioral intentions, understanding interface language, process mining, and business modeling. 
In recent years, the iS-RPM (Process Mining) product developed by i-Search has achieved significant results. Through close cooperation with customers, we have gained a deeper understanding of the challenges that many enterprises face in process optimization in their daily operations. However, these companies often lack comprehensive insight when addressing this issue. i-Search attaches great importance to customer needs and focuses on the research and development of iS-RPM (Process Mining) products. This product plays an important role in the discovery and evaluation stage of business processes, providing customers with solutions from problem discovery to problem-solving, fully empowering enterprises to embark on a new journey of Hyperautomation operations! 
The iS-RPM product fully integrates advanced artificial intelligence technologies such as business similarity, intelligent process recommendation, and machine learning, enabling end-to-end process analysis, optimization, and reconstruction through process mining. It can identify bottlenecks and abnormal situations in the process, and combine task mining technology to automatically identify opportunities for automation, generate RPA documents and engineering files, and visually display the return on investment (ROI) brought by automation, greatly improving the level of RPA..
i-Search released its first version of process mining in 2022. So far, it has had some practical process mining application practices in multiple companies (including Sinopec, Pacific Insurance, and ICBC Asia), accumulating rich experience and good reputation. 
At the 2023 Spring Product Launch held by i-Search, customers also shared their user experience. The continuous pursuit of product innovation and high attention to user needs have laid a solid foundation for i-Search to achieve counter trend growth in the RPA+AI market today. 

02 Art Competition Flag Annual Subscription Model: Flexible Income Model Boosts Continuous Profitability
Starting from 2019, i-Search has decided to use the annual subscription model as the main charging method, with ARR as the main operating indicator.
In the early stages of transformation, the company also faced issues such as slower revenue growth and low user acceptance of subscription models. However, through the accumulation and cultivation of customers in the past three years, i-Search has successfully achieved a compound growth rate of over 200% in RPA annual subscription revenue. 
This time, we won the second place in the IDC "China RPA+AI Market Share Report, 2022", marking that the transformation of i-Search's revenue model has been successfully verified by the market, achieving good revenue growth and sustained profitability. 
03 Art Competition Flag&Kingdee - Hand in Hand and Win in Cooperation 
In addition, close cooperation with major domestic ERP manufacturer Kingdee provides strong support for i-Search to maintain high-speed market growth. 
Since the signing of the contract between i-Search and Kingdee Strategy in 2021, both parties have jointly launched a public cloud version of RPA in the direction of ERP, process mining, task mining, and RPA, creating an out of the box application platform called aPaaS (Application Platform as a Service). Currently, the products we cooperate with can provide services to millions of Kingdee enterprise users.


Based on the successful cooperation cases of Kingdee, i-Search has created a series of RPA standardized application products mainly targeting the financial field, combining multiple innovative technologies such as RPA, OCR, and AI. It can automatically complete tasks in the financial field with large amounts of data, clear rules, and high repeatability, such as online banking and reconciliation operations. The standards are minimal and can be used out of the box, greatly shortening learning and delivery time. Kingdee has leading technology and experience in the field of "human finance and taxation", and i-Search has outstanding performance in technology, products, and services in the field of automation. The cooperation between both parties not only brings huge opportunities for their own development, but also provides customers with more high-quality financial and tax automation solutions through the introduction of financial RPA SaaS standardization.
This time, we achieved the second best result in the IDC "China RPA+AI Market Share Report, 2022", fully demonstrating the strength of i-Search in the Chinese RPA+AI market.
At present, i-Search serves over 1000 customers, covering multiple industries such as finance, operators, energy, power, and manufacturing. It has received support from well-known institutions such as Ruihe Capital, Shanghai International Venture Capital, and Kingdee Strategic Investment. 
Achieving such remarkable results proves the exceptional resilience and perseverance of the Art Competition Flag team, as well as the exceptional strength of the product. Looking forward to the future, i-Search will continue to focus on the direction of product cloudization, application standardization, and localization of Xinchuang. We will empower our customers' digital transformation and help them succeed with our excellent Hyperautomation products and delivery services.