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i-Search Hyperautomation platform

i-Search Hyperautomation platform fully embodies the advantages of cloud-native, multi-tenant, and microservices. It has full lifecycle management capabilities from process discovery, evaluation, construction, operation, and operation, enabling organizations to efficiently automate business processes. With cloud-native technology, it achieves high flexibility and scalability, while providing independent and secure automation environments for multiple departments or customers through multi-tenant support.

How the Hyperautomation Platform Help Enterprises Succeed

Discover Processes and Automation Opportunities for Evaluation Improvement

Using process mining algorithms, hyperautomation platform helps you understand workflows, identify potential bottlenecks, optimization opportunities and improvement points, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance process operation quality by analyzing system event logs and data. The platform can analyze employees’ operational behavior and use CV, machine learning, data mining, and other technologies to objectively evaluate the ROI of automation.


The Synergistic Power of RPA and AI

The combination of RPA and AI enables smarter, more automated handling of business. AI can be used to analyze and understand large amounts of data, extract insights from it, and make predictions and automated decisions. RPA robots can translate these insights into actions, automate tasks, and accelerate business processes.


Expand the Value Chain of Automation through Operational Excellence

Through systematic training, certification and promotion via operational excellence, i-Search will expand the application scope of hyperautomation technology to further its key methods for improving efficiency and effectiveness, and realize greater value of automation.


Innovative Security in Information Technology Applications

The platform has been adapted to domestic hardware, software platforms, and supports devices such as Loongson and Huawei Kunpeng. At the same time, it uses UOS and KylinOS as the underlying operating system, fully supporting domestic databases such as Dameng DB, Kingbase DB of Nanjing University, and GaussDB, and domestic middleware such as BES and Tong Tech.


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CPIC has joined hands with i-Search to embark on a comprehensive digital transformation, which starts with finance, develops with operations, and promotes with business.


Sinopec Shared Center and i-Search have formed a joint research and development on ultra-automation construction, covering business scenarios such as finance, tax, personnel, IT, etc., and launching the automation flywheel.


PICC established a RPA Center of Excellence (CoE), which uses a centralized and decentralized model to maximize the utilization of robot resources and efficiency.

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