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Pacific Insurance Group

Industry: Insurance
Area: China
Client: Pacific Insurance Group
SmartFactory Illuminating the Future


The headquarters is coordinating the overall planning and promoting a "business developer" mode, involving over 2000 individuals in RPA training. The project has reached 41 institutions across the country.

240 million

The automated processes that have been deployed have surpassed 2200. The cumulative number of tasks executed has reached 240 million.

438 people

438 people per month on average are replaced; The hyperautomation platform of Process Mining +RPA+AI is gradually built.

How to help your business succeed

Customer Introduction

China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. (CPIC) was established based on China Pacific Insurance Company on May 13, 1991. Headquartered in Shanghai, it has been listed in the Fortune Global 500 for seven consecutive years.

CPIC’s RPA development strategy is “originating from finance, evolving through operations, and promoting in business”. In June 2018, the Shanghai Operations Sub-Center of CPIC collaborated with i-Search, starting with claims applications, marking the official establishment of the partnership.

Process details


High costs associated with dispersed application computing devices

Limited sharing of development achievements due to dispersed resources

Elevated operational costs attributed to dispersed maintenance manpower

Construction process

Development Timeline

2018 · Initiation Phase

First Trial in Operation

To address the issue of repetitive tasks among business personnel, accelerate customer response, and enhance satisfaction, the Shanghai Operations Sub-Center of CPIC took the lead in piloting the application of RPA technology in Property Insurance field and initially applied assistant robots in customer service and claims department.

2019 · Incubation Phase

Expansion of Operational Applications

The use of RPA robots expanded to the Shanghai Operations Center, South China Operations Center, and Shandong Operations Center. The number of RPA robot scenarios quickly grew to 35, achieving a dual expansion in both business and company scope.

2020 · Development Phase

Systematic Construction of the Factory System, Large-scale Application of RPA

In September 2020, the Chairman of Property Insurance, Gu Yue, proposed the realization of "Large-scale Application of RPA" at the Innovation Conference. The "Business Engineer" model was initiated, greatly promoting nationwide application, and achieving widespread use across all operational lines within the entire company.

2021 · Launch Smart Factory

Officially Establishment of the RPA Center of Excellence

On April 20, 2021, Gu Yue, Chairman of Property Insurance, officially unveiled the Smart Factory. He outlined a strategic policy for large-scale, professional, and intelligent construction, officially launching the service model of the Property Insurance RPA Excellence Center.

2022 · Growth Period of Smart Factory

Eight Major Workshops, Realizing the Application of Full Business Lines

According to business lines, the Smart Factory internally establishes eight major workshops for individual customers, legal customers, agricultural insurance, operations, finance, human resources, administrative offices, and legal compliance. It promotes star RPA scenarios in a packaged manner according to the lines.

2023 Smart Factory 2.0: Hyperautomation Factory

Discovery, Evaluate, Construct, Run, Operations

The innovative pace of the Smart Factory has never stopped. It continuously solidifies the system foundation, combines technological trends, and introduces process mining technology. This equips the Smart Factory with the ability to "discover and evaluate problems" from a global perspective, promoting a tremendous leap from "business applications to enterprise management."


Project Introduction

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