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We provide intelligent and standardized solutions, helping you achieve outstanding business automation

Discovery and Evaluation

Capable of in-depth analysis and optimization of processes to enhance efficiency and accuracy


We enhance efficiency, achieve business process automation, optimization, and high scalability


Industry Solutions

Deeply involved in industries such as finance, energy, manufacturing, etc

General Solutions

Cases and solutions for departments or business functions such as finance、HR、and customer service

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i-Search Solution Advantages

Streamline Organizational Structure and Eliminate Outdated Capacity

Robots can replace traditional manual labor, complete many repetitive paper-based tasks efficiently and accurately, and remarkably improve operational efficiency.

Break Down Data Silos at Low Cost

iS-RPA can effectively integrate dispersed data, connect independent departments and businesses within insurance companies, achieve data sharing between various channels, and promote the process of digital transformation.

Achieve compliance

iS-RPA can support non-intrusive applications that does not affect the original IT information system infrastructure, thus ensuring security, efficiency, and compliance.

Enhance customer experience

Quickly respond to evolving customer demands, freeing up manpower, helping insurance companies provide high-quality, timely, differentiated services, and building core competitiveness.

Application scenarios

The iS-RPA’s application enables the automation of complex processes across various business functions and platforms

Financial Management

iS-RPA robots can handle a large number of documents automatically with zero error, categorize them, extract relevant information as required, and submit related data on time, which effectively enhances the efficiency and timeliness.

Claims Approval

As for the data retrieval, recording, verification and others processes across multiple systems, the processes are often complicated and the data results are messy. RPA can simulate human operations and connect multiple systems to achieve automation, ensuring accuracy and enhancing service efficiency.

Customer Service

Disregarding data formats, ArtisAI RPA automatically extracts data from both paper and electronic documents according to requirements for use in subsequent processes.

IT Operations and Maintenance

The continuous 24-hour operation of i-Search’s background robots without disrupting normal computer operations aligns well with the needs of the IT operations and maintenance department. It plays a role in scenarios such as software testing and malicious software detecting, ensuring the security of office desktops.

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Hyperautomation Platform

Efficient, cost-effective, and maximal achievement of enterprise operational automation.


Behavior Analysis Platform

Provides a real and objective presentation while tracking and analyzing employee operational behavior, helping businesses prevent information leaks, avoid commercial fraud, and improve the quality of customer service and employee work efficiency.


iS-RPM Process mining

The data for process mining comes from the underlying information in the system. All these different ERP systems, unstructured data formats, and information black holes can make it difficult for you to understand your business processes accurately and dynamically.


iS-RPA Studio

Comprehensive use of UI + AI + API and other automation technologies, with dialogue generation process, dialogue generation code, intelligent recommendation components, drag-and-drop interface, low-code design, and many other features, to quickly build automated business processes.


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