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Background and Pain Points

With the increasing demand for home-based work in customer service and call center positions, security compliance management for home-based work has become a new challenge for enterprises. It is necessary to pay attention to both employee efficiency and screen security and user behavior security. In order to strengthen home-based work security compliance management, enterprises need to establish a comprehensive control platform to help enterprises improve screen operation compliance and screen-based security management requirements for illegal actions. At the same time, effective management tools are provided to trace and locate illegal risk behaviors and actions, achieving the goal of protecting enterprise data and customer sensitive information.

  • Data security and customer sensitive information in home office cannot be effectively guaranteed (mobile phone photos, copying, downloading, communication tool transmission, etc.)
  • Can non-invasive monitoring be used to monitor the work of employees who work from home, and is it conducted in accordance with compliance requirements of employee work from home regulations?
  • Unauthorized monitoring of home workers' screens cannot be performed, and the compliance and security of working from home cannot be effectively guaranteed
  • How can home-based work withstand audits and inspections by relevant departments, and how can leaked information be traced and evidence obtained?
  • The workload of home office work cannot be effectively quantified

Solution - two major capability areas

Based on powerful terminal screen recording and data collection capabilities, it can help enterprises improve internal control compliance management requirements; based on powerful motion capture and AI large model analysis capabilities, it can help enterprises prevent data and customer sensitive information leakage caused by improper behavior operations.

Terminal operation security
Screen operation recording
File operation record
Document release monitoring
Data tampering record
Sensitive information monitoring
User behavior security
Face authentication
Mobile phone photo recognition
Identify two persons in the same frame
Identification of writing on a desk
Recognition of personnel leaving their posts

Office at home application scenario

Face authentication

Through face recognition technology, it automatically logs in to the customer service system and conducts real-time face database comparison. When the matching is incorrect or unauthorized access occurs, the system considers it as non-compliant operation and will raise an alert and block it. The alert mode supports email, internal messaging, etc., and the blocking mode supports screen locking.

Monitor phone photos

When there is sensitive information of a customer on the business system screen of a home-based employee, and the employee takes a picture of the screen with their phone in front of it, the system automatically triggers a violation policy for phone taking pictures, alerts the supervisor, and locks the screen to prevent operation.

Copy sensitive information

When there is sensitive information (mobile phone number, card number, ID number, etc.) on the business system screen of home office employees, and the employees take paper and pen to copy in front of the screen, the system will automatically trigger the behavior violation policy of copying sensitive information, alert the supervisor, and lock the screen to prevent further copying.

The monitoring personnel leave their posts

When face information cannot be detected on the computer screen of an employee working from home for a certain period of time, and the employee's computer is on and the system is normally online, the system automatically triggers a personnel off-duty violation strategy, alerts the supervisor and locks the screen, reducing the risk of information leakage.

Monitor multiple people in the same frame

When the computer screen of an employee working from home detects multiple faces staring at the screen for a certain period of time (the time can be customized, with a default of 10 seconds), the system automatically triggers a multi-person violation policy, alerting the supervisor and locking the screen.

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