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Sinopec Group

Industry: Energy
Area: China
Client: Sinopec Group
RPM+RPA+AI Empowers Sinopec,
EnjoyDangDang Moves Towards Hyperautomation


Currently, more than 400 business processes have been developed, deployed to the cloud, and put into operation


The overall RPA utilization rate in finance shared services exceeds 70%


More than 300 person-years of labor is saved

How to help your business succeed

Customer Introduction

Sinopec Group is involved in the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors of the petroleum and petrochemical industry. With a long industrial chain, its business spans over 60 countries and regions globally, featuring a complex management structure and operational challenges.

Sinopec Shared Services Co., Ltd. comprehensively undertakes the financial, personnel, IT, petrochemical party building, and petrochemical business of the Group's enterprises. It serves as the business processing center for the Group, handling a significant volume of routine tasks.

Process details


Significant fluctuations in business volume

The need for process optimization and standardization

Difficulty in the transformation of core business systems

A high likelihood of errors from employees.

Construction process

Development Timeline

2018 Initiation

Birth of the First RPA

Sinopec Nanjing Shared Service Center introduced RPA to address business tide phenomena, consolidating monthly centralized tasks and achieving efficient data integration and automation.

2019 Innovation

Establishment of Own RPA Brand: EnjoyDangDang

Sinopec Shared Service Center created the "EnjoyDangDang" RPA brand, unveiling end-to-end process automation solutions and proposing an operational philosophy of "Smart, Enjoyable, Swift, and Innovative."

2020 Unified Control

Launch of Control Platform

Sinopec Shared Service Center established the EnjoyDangDang RPA ecosystem, portal, and technical community, optimizing and enhancing overall product capabilities. It also achieved unified scheduling of RPA, sharing RPA achievements across the entire company, and accelerating the widespread application of RPA robots throughout the company.

2021-2022 Focus, Innovation, Leadership

Pioneering Use of Process Mining Technology

Focusing on "maximizing customer value," Sinopec hosted the EnjoyDangDang RPA application forum, pioneering the use of process mining technology to discover issues and automation opportunities at the overall process level.

2023 Deepening Hyperautomation

Discovery, Evaluate, Construct, Run, Operations

The Shared Service Center accelerates the construction of a hyperautomation platform with RPM, RPA, and AI as the core, enhancing the service capabilities of the Shared Service Center’s Digital Employee Center of Excellence.


Project Introduction

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