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Index / News / Steady! i-Search has been selected as a Gartner Technology Maturity Curve Report for four consecutive years
Steady! i-Search has been selected as a Gartner Technology Maturity Curve Report for four consecutive years

Steady! i-Search has been selected as a Gartner Technology Maturity Curve Report for four consecutive years

  As a leader in China's RPA industry, i-Search has been awarded the titles of National High tech Enterprise and Shanghai Double Soft Enterprise. And for three consecutive years, he was selected as a case manufacturer in the Gartner "Hype Cycle" RPA field. In 2021, he was named a leader in the Chinese RPA software market by IDC. Recently, Gartner released the 2022 China ICT Technology Maturity Curve (Hype Cycle for ICT in China, 2022), and as a leading RPA product and solution supplier in China, i-Search was successfully selected as the RPA Sample Vendor (benchmark supplier). This is also the fourth consecutive year that i-Search has received this honor and received high recognition from the industry.

  As a technology maturity curve (Hype Cycle) created annually by Gartner for technology, applications, and industries, this curve is mainly used to help users track the maturity and future potential of technology, and is one of Gartner's most highly regarded and recognized reports in the market. 
  Gartner believes that the investment enthusiasm of RPA in China remains high, and the overall scale of the industry is gradually expanding. Given the large number of repetitive manual tasks and the rising cost of skilled labor in China, RPA plays a crucial role in saving labor costs, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency for enterprises. The automation process drives the continuous improvement of production quality and business efficiency.
  The Popularization of RPA in China Faces Challenges
1. The main application of RPA in China is still limited to enterprises with high IT maturity.
2. Finance and online retail are two industries that mainly adopt RPA.
3. Facing more complex business or process automation, relying solely on RPA is not enough.
4. Need to strengthen training on RPA technical skills.
  Gartner Recommendations
1. Clarify the business objectives of automated process planning and determine the required technologies.
2. It is necessary to improve employees' ability to use RPA tools to better adapt to business needs.
3. Expand the scalability of RPA by combining API connectors, process mining, iBPMS, and iPaaS to achieve super automation.
4. Set appropriate expectations for RPA, that although robots can replace some human work, they cannot replace all human work.
  In response to the challenges faced by RPA in automation identification in China as mentioned in the Gartner report, in 2022, i-Search released the process mining product iS-RPM, which formed a complete product line portfolio in the discovery, evaluation, construction, operation, and management of enterprise process automation. Provide customers with a complete set of super automation solutions.

Having been selected for the Gartner Technology Maturity Curve for many consecutive years is a witness to the continuous recognition of the strength of Art Competition Flag by international authoritative institutions. It is also worth mentioning that in the latest "2021 China RPA+AI Software Market Share and Forecast Analysis Report" released by globally renowned consulting firm IDC, as a leading software manufacturer in the RPA+AI industry in China, i-Search has consistently ranked among the top three in the domestic RPA+AI market share, once again demonstrating its hardcore strength as a leading player in the RPA track. The strength is widely recognized.