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Index / News / Industry Report | i-Search Named in the「Gartner RPA: Customers’ Choice」Report
Industry Report | i-Search Named in the「Gartner RPA: Customers’ Choice」Report

Industry Report | i-Search Named in the「Gartner RPA: Customers’ Choice」Report

Recently, the internationally renowned IT research and consulting firm Gartner released a report on "Peer Insights' Voice of the Customer ': Robotic Process Automation", which has attracted widespread attention in the industry. As an innovative leader in the field of Hyperautomation, i-Search was selected for this report with a score of 4.8 out of 5!

The "Gartner RPA Customer Selection" is based on customers' evaluations of enterprise products and services, providing multi-dimensional supplier capability evaluation and procurement reference for global enterprises. This "Gartner RPA Customer Selection" report takes the most recent year as the evaluation cycle and provides insights into 1807 customer reviews from peer companies. In the end, i-Search gained high recognition from customers with its outstanding market performance, excellent product strength, and comprehensive service system.

Souce:Gartner(Decemer 2022)


About Gartner Peer Insights
Since its release, Gartner Peer Insights has rapidly become one of the most credible rankings and reports in the industry, based on the objective evaluation of end customers and professionals who actually purchase, implement, and use related products or services, and has always maintained strict screening standards.

1. Voice of customers and a reassuring choice

Digging into the data details of the report, it can be found that in terms of customer recommendation willingness, i-Search has reached a high of 94%. In terms of overall rating, among the 13 companies listed globally, i-Search ranks first with a score of 4.8.


It is worth mentioning that in terms of customer reviews of RPA manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region, i-Search ranks in the first quadrant and is in the industry's first tier. It can be seen that i-Search's products are highly praised by domestic customers, and the rich practical experience of major customers is the foundation for i-Search to provide high-quality services to customers.


2. Focusing on customers, accumulating thick and spreading thin

i-Search is one of the first domestic manufacturers to launch domestically developed RPA products, and has firmly established a leading position in the Chinese RPA industry in fierce competition. For four consecutive years, it has been selected as a recommended manufacturer in the Gartner "Hype Cycle" RPA field case, and has been listed on the "RPA Magic Quadrant China Edition" recently released by Gartner. As a leading RPA service provider in China, i-Search has made it to the list.


The core customers of i-Search are large state-owned enterprises and central enterprises. The current sales and service system has covered 31 provinces and municipalities across the country, providing customers with comprehensive localized services. The total number of clients served exceeds 1000, with over 70 clients from China's top 500 and over 30 clients from the world's top 500.

In this "Gartner RPA Customer Selection" report, i-Search received positive feedback from customers in large and medium-sized industries such as finance, manufacturing, energy, and electricity. Whether it is product iteration, integration deployment, or service support, i-Search's Hyperautomation platform and professional service capabilities have received high praise.


Customer centeredness "is the most important concept that i-Search has always adhered to. High quality product delivery and service, rapid response to customer needs, and customer satisfaction are the yardstick for measuring all our work. i-Search should continue to uphold the concept of "customer centeredness", take customer needs as the starting point, focus on the field of Hyperautomation, and continue to create value for customers.