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Index / News / Two major clients of i-Search have been selected as IDC RPA+AI best practice cases. Will RPA+AI bring new opportunities for intelligent workflow?
Two major clients of i-Search have been selected as IDC RPA+AI best practice cases. Will RPA+AI bring new opportunities for intelligent workflow?

Two major clients of i-Search have been selected as IDC RPA+AI best practice cases. Will RPA+AI bring new opportunities for intelligent workflow?

In the wave of digital transformation, the combination of RPA and AI has become the focus of the industry, which can help enterprises achieve automation and intelligence of workflow and business processes, providing strong technical support for improving efficiency, reducing costs, and upgrading operations.

Recently, IDC released the "RPA+AI Best Practice Cases" report, summarizing the challenges and practical paths faced by industry users in the application process, and selecting the best practice cases for market reference.

As a leading enterprise in the RPA field, i-Search, together with China Guangfa Bank and Sinopec  Shared Services Co., Ltd., has been selected for the RPA+AI case report due to its outstanding performance in practice, providing a strong reference for more financial and energy institutions to promote the implementation of RPA+AI technology and achieve business transformation and upgrading.

According to an IDC report, the comprehensive popularization of RPA+AI has driven the rapid development of the market. According to data, the market size of RPA+AI in China in 2022 was $310 million, an increase of 19.2% compared to the previous year. It is expected that in the next few years, the Chinese RPA+AI market will enter an explosive period due to the influence of large models, AIGC, and other factors. i-Search has always been committed to deep cultivation in the field of RPA+AI. As early as 2018, i-Search collaborated with the School of Artificial Intelligence at Nanjing University to establish i-Search AI Intelligence Research Institute, focusing on researching the potential and possibilities of RPA+AI in industry applications. After years of hard work, outstanding achievements have been achieved in the fields of intelligent recognition, behavioral intention understanding, interface language understanding, process mining, and business modeling. The selection of this customer case in this report fully reflects the significant achievements made by i-Search's RPA+AI solution in practical application.

China Guangfa Bank 

Project Background: As the banking industry enters a new era of human-machine coexistence and multi-party interaction, China Guangfa Bank actively promotes digital transformation and regards "Digital Guangfa" as its financial technology strategic goal. In 2018, i-Search RPA technology was introduced, with a focus on optimizing the scenario of cardholder multi account reconciliation, injecting new vitality.

Solution: RPA technology realizes the efficiency of outsourcing top note business process through automatic data download and matching. In terms of privacy and security, decrypting data through password email ensures data security throughout the entire process. This solution not only significantly reduces labor costs, improves overall process efficiency, but also improves accuracy to 100%.

Implementation results: Save 60% of labor costs and improve overall process efficiency by 60%. China Guangfa Bank has successfully created digital employees to provide users with more efficient and secure banking services.And as the cooperation deepens, in the process of cooperation with China Guangfa Bank, i-Search, as a leading provider of Hyperautomation solutions in China, has provided strong

support for China Guangfa Bank based on more than ten years of digital practical experience in the financial industry, helping China Guangfa Bank establish a nationwide ultra automated management platform that deeply integrates innovative technologies such as process mining, RPA, and AI, Realized a complete closed-loop system for automated management of business processes. 


Sinopec Shared Services


Project Background: Sinopec Shared Services Co., Ltd. urgently seeks automation solutions to accelerate business processing efficiency in the face of high investment costs, long deployment cycles, and human resource bottlenecks. 

Solution: i-Search provides a one-stop automation solution that integrates RPA, process mining, and AI technology. Through RPA and process mining, efficient business processing, standardized process operations, and intelligent program operation have been achieved. 

Implementation results: By deploying over 1000 RPAs and involving over 1500 business processes, Sinopec Group achieved a monthly savings of 35000 in labor costs. Successfully broke the bottleneck of business processing and provided strong business support to 41 sister enterprises within the group. 

According to the IDC report's development suggestions for RPA+AI manufacturers, providing standardized and high-quality products and services makes it easier to gain customer trust and recognition. Technology manufacturers should continuously strengthen the research and development of AI innovative technologies, integrate new technologies with RPA, and create new intelligent products. Due to the large amount of data processing and interaction involved in RPA and AI, technology manufacturers also need to establish comprehensive security mechanisms and technologies to protect customer data security. 
i-Search adheres to the product concept of "easy to learn, easy to use, and stable" and continuously innovates in the RPA+AI field. Through Hyperautomation products such as iS-RPA, iS-RPM, and iS-CDA, i-Search integrates the powerful capabilities of AI to provide enterprises with Hyperautomation solutions for "discovery, evaluation, construction, operation, and operation". 
The innovative integration of RPA+AI is driving the continuous evolution of intelligent workflows and creating more business value for customers. In the future, i-Search will continue to explore the potential of RPA+AI, expand application scenarios, and provide customers with more intelligent and efficient solutions.