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Industry: Bank
Area: China
Client: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited
Exploring Best Practices for RPA Center of Excellence in Banking


Recording and Analysis of Employees’ Operational Behavior


Exploring the Best Practices for RPA in the Banking Sector, Serving 13 Business Departments of ICBC Asia


Initiating the Construction of a Hyperautomation Platform

How to help your business succeed

Customer Introduction

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited (ICBC Asia) is the overseas business flagship wholly owned by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, providing customers with comprehensive cross-border and cross-market services.

In 2019, starting with RPA products, i-Search and ICBC Asia officially began their collaboration. Currently, RPA products have achieved full coverage in core business departments. In 2023, the collaboration took a new step forward with the introduction of RPM products, providing strong support to further improve ICBC Asia's existing processes.

Process details


Operational staff proficiency varies

Business processes involve multiple systems, with some systems lacking connectivity

Enhancing business operations requires a deep dive into process optimization entry points

Construction process

Development Timeline

2019 · Launch

Pilot operation of RPA robots

To address issues such as data silos and manual repetition, and achieve data integration and efficient automation, RPA robots were introduced in 22 business scenarios as a pilot initiative, obtaining significant results.

2020-2021 · Acceleration, Intelligence

Integrating AI technology to pioneer intelligent RPA applications

The application of RPA at ICBC Asia's departments expanded further, covering 11 departments and one overseas business center. The average business efficiency increased by 70%.

2022 · Growth

With RPA Robots Taking Shape, the Goal of Replacing Human Labor via Technology Gradually Realized

The application continued to grow, serving a total of 13 departments, with nearly a hundred automated business scenarios launched. The volume of automated business operations exceeded one million transactions, freeing up the human labor over 30 personnel.

2023 · Innovation

Discover Issues, and Solve Problems

Piloting the application of process mining technology at the Operations Management Headquarters to build the capability of discovering and evaluating process issues as well as automation opportunities on a global scale.


Project Introduction

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ICBC (Asia) project structure diagram

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