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How to improve enterprise efficiency and competitiveness

Human-Machine Collaboration to Ensure Flexible Operation

Employees can manually run processes, adjust the running direction, and input key parameters during the process to ensure the secure and flexible operation of processes. This achieves intelligent automation through human-machine interactive cooperation, efficiently assisting employees in completing tasks.

Picture-in-Picture Operation for Productivity Improvement

Employees and robots work in the main window and sub-windows, respectively, enabling simultaneous multitasking and enhancing work efficiency.

Timely reminders for organized work

The foreground robots can timely remind employees of important tasks, help them avoid delays due to negligence, and enhancing the accuracy and reliability of work.

Behavior Triggers for Intelligent Operation

During process execution, the foreground robots can automatically check designated behaviors, triggering corresponding processes and achieving senseless interaction.

Efficient Human-Machine Collaboration, Achieving Work Efficiency Improvement

Inflexible process execution

The foreground robots can be flexibly triggered according to business needs, supporting localized operation; users can intuitively view the running status of the process.

Difficulty in Achieving Human-Machine Interaction

The foreground robots can be controlled by users for process recording; and the business personnel can carry out auxiliary operations, thus achieving collaborative effects.

Will Robots Disturb Employees at Work

The foreground robots support picture-in-picture operation, enabling individual office work and process operation to proceed simultaneously without interference, further enhancing work efficiency.

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CPIC has joined hands with i-Search to embark on a comprehensive digital transformation, which starts with finance, develops with operations, and promotes with business.


Sinopec Shared Center and i-Search have formed a joint research and development on ultra-automation construction, covering business scenarios such as finance, tax, personnel, IT, etc., and launching the automation flywheel.


PICC established a RPA Center of Excellence (CoE), which uses a centralized and decentralized model to maximize the utilization of robot resources and efficiency.

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