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i-Search Solution Advantages

Compliant Data Usage

Robots can operate on data or systems according to compliance requirements, following established processes, thus avoiding compliance risks caused by human factors at the source.

Efficient Data Utilization

i-Search’s robots can intelligently recognize all kinds of paper documents, extract information from them, classify and summarize data, and export files or send emails according to needs.

Faster and Better Customer Service

By automatically acquiring, classifying, and extracting customer information, laborious manual data input is reduced, ensuring accuracy while enhancing the efficiency of customer service.

Intelligent Process Optimization

As more traditional financial businesses, institutional management, and internal processes gradually transition from offline to online, it provides an opportunity to reshape existing processes, gradually changing the way businesses operate, and achieving continuous cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

Application Scenarios

i-Search helps clients build a securities RPA system, improving management and operational levels, and reducing operating costs.

Clearing Business

Robots independently handle a large volume of repetitive tasks, ensuring accurate queries and guaranteeing the effectiveness of clearing and the orderly execution of securities transactions.

Bond Market

In terms of automatic market opening and closing, RPA robots can automatically complete the system restart to ensure error-free execution of the processes’ opening and closing.

Data Log Management

The data logs of securities companies need to be strictly managed and backed up. The application of RPA robots enables one-click backup and completion of related data log tasks.

Evaluation Processing

The RPA robots can logically integrate the data in the database according to the settings; determine the products and complete data records; and organize the data for operations such as product liquidation, transfer, and evaluation forms.

Financial Management

iS-RPA robots can handle a large number of documents automatically with zero error, categorize them, extract relevant information as required, and submit related data on time.

Intelligent Processes

By analyzing the huge amount of data generated in daily work, i-Search RPM can dig out more new modes to improve customer experience as well as operational efficiency.

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Hyperautomation Platform

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Behavior Analysis Platform

Provides a real and objective presentation while tracking and analyzing employee operational behavior, helping businesses prevent information leaks, avoid commercial fraud, and improve the quality of customer service and employee work efficiency.


iS-RPM Process mining

The data for process mining comes from the underlying information in the system. All these different ERP systems, unstructured data formats, and information black holes can make it difficult for you to understand your business processes accurately and dynamically.


iS-RPA Studio

Comprehensive use of UI + AI + API and other automation technologies, with dialogue generation process, dialogue generation code, intelligent recommendation components, drag-and-drop interface, low-code design, and many other features, to quickly build automated business processes.


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