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How do robots improve enterprise efficiency and competitiveness

7x24Stable Operation

Without human intervention, background robots can run processes through scheduled tasks or event triggers, and automatically schedule work 7*24 hours, serving as an effective replacement for human labor and efficiently completing repetitive and logical tasks.

Unified Scheduling for Secure and Orderly Execution

Unattended robots can be centrally scheduled and managed through the console, enabling the planning of automated tasks for their secure and orderly execution.

Multi-Tasking in Parallel for Better Utilization

With unattended robots, multiple tasks can be processed simultaneously, thus significantly improving work efficiency and resource utilization.

7*24 uninterrupted operation, achieving efficient operation and cost reduction

Continuously increasing labor costs

Unattended robots can handle repetitive manual tasks, reducing the need to pour into large workforce. Only a few business managers and operational maintenance personnel are required to complete automated task operations.

Difficult to avoid manual errors

When running, robots’ operation is based on clear rules to ensure the precise running of each step in the process, thus minimizing errors caused by human factors.

Difficult to improve production efficiency?

Robots can work 7*24, efficiently completing process tasks and improving overall production efficiency for enterprises.

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CPIC has joined hands with i-Search to embark on a comprehensive digital transformation, which starts with finance, develops with operations, and promotes with business.


Sinopec Shared Center and i-Search have formed a joint research and development on ultra-automation construction, covering business scenarios such as finance, tax, personnel, IT, etc., and launching the automation flywheel.


PICC established a RPA Center of Excellence (CoE), which uses a centralized and decentralized model to maximize the utilization of robot resources and efficiency.

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