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China Re

Industry: Insurance
Area: China
Client: China Re Group Co., Ltd.
Establish an RPA CoE maximize the utilization of robot resources and efficiency


Launched over 300 automated processes

22 units

Cover 22 branches nationwide, with headquarters coordinating overall planning and centralized coordination between headquarters and branches

53 million

Achieved cost savings of 53 million yuan and an efficiency improvement of 80%.

How to help your business succeed

Customer Introduction

The People’s Insurance Company (Group) of China Limited (PICC) has evolved from the long-standing development of the People’s Insurance Company of China.

In collaboration with i-Search, PICC has implemented a unified RPA product across the entire group, covering core subsidiaries in the field such as life insurance and property insurance. Through centralized coordination from the headquarters, a seamless collaboration between the headquarters and branches has been established, spanning 22 branches nationwide, with over 300 automated processes implemented.

Process details


Manual processing is time-consuming and prone to errors

The expansion of business scope and the increase in business volume create pressure on efficiency

There is a lack of a unified operations management platform

Construction process

Development Timeline

2020 · Launch

Pilot operation of RPA robots

To address the centralized handling of PICC business, repetitive manual operations, and error-prone issues, RPA applications were piloted at the headquarters and several branch offices in Tianjin, Hebei, Chongqing, Anhui, covering scenarios such as finance, claims, and general office.

2021 · Scaling up

Operational training and scaling applications

Organizing large-scale RPA training courses to enable business personnel to address their pain points and improve office efficiency through training, expanding the scope of RPA applications.

2022 · Overall Planning and Construction

Planning and coordination between the headquarters and branches. Through promotion, RPA covered 31 branch offices and 9 business lines, with 260+ processes launched.

2023 · Comprehensive Promotion

Comprehensive promotion of "digital employees" Leveraging robotic process automation technology to enhance the quality and efficiency of insurance services, promoting RPA process automation across multiple areas, including customer service, claims, asset management, and finance.


China Re Architecture diagram

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