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How does task mining help businesses succeed?

Discover automation opportunities

By intelligently capturing employees’ desktop operation logs, such as mouse and keyboard operations, iS-RTM can analyze each operation data via technologies including computer vision, machine learning, and data mining to rapidly identify high-frequency task flows worthy of automation.


Evaluate Process ROI

Before initiating the process automation, iS-RTM will pre-assess the potential savings in man-hours and labor costs after automation, helping enterprises prioritize automation, and enabling RPA to maximize its effectiveness.


Accelerate the Automation Construction Cycle

iS-RTM can quickly export RPA automation requirement documents to ensure the accuracy in describing the task execution process; assist developers in quickly understanding the task execution environment and the most common issues, so as to reduce the time spent on process research and development.


Adopt Privacy-First Collection

While collecting data, ensure that the data is anonymized and de-identified to avoid the excessive collection of unnecessary sensitive information. Respect and protect employees' privacy rights, and comply with the enterprise's information security requirements.


Data-Driven Process Optimization and Discovery

Lack of Transparency in


Automatically present a comprehensive view of enterprise business processes based on real user behavior.

  1. Pain Point 1: Numerous and complex business systems
  2. Pain Point 2: Difficulty in monitoring employees’ operating methods

Difficulty in Achieving

Process Automation

Identify the best automation opportunities through the analysis of user desktop behavioral data.

  1. Pain Point 1: Subjective nature of requirement proposals
  2. Pain Point 2: Time-consuming and incomplete requirements research

Difficulty in Identifying

Process Bottlenecks

The ability to visualize process diagrams and conduct in-depth mining analysis.

  1. Pain Point 1: Lengthy manual research process cycles
  2. Pain Point 2: Lack of basis for the authenticity of research data

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CPIC has joined hands with i-Search to embark on a comprehensive digital transformation, which starts with finance, develops with operations, and promotes with business.


Sinopec Shared Center and i-Search have formed a joint research and development on ultra-automation construction, covering business scenarios such as finance, tax, personnel, IT, etc., and launching the automation flywheel.


PICC established a RPA Center of Excellence (CoE), which uses a centralized and decentralized model to maximize the utilization of robot resources and efficiency.

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