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Why Choose iS-RPA Studio?

iS-RPA Studio provides powerful features tailored to individual needs, making it easier to get started and conduct collaboration, and supporting the rapid implementation of RPA projects. For business personnel, the system can automatically generate processes based on their requirements; while with a wealth of built-in and customizable components, developers can use a fully drag-and-drop operation to fully meet development needs.

Boundless, Canvas-Style Process Diagram

iS-RPA Studio adopts a canvas-style process diagram that is easier to understands and supports unlimited expansion. The diagram can be freely added from over 300 built-in components with powerful functionality. The flexible interface is suitable for both novice operations and complex processes.

Driven by Both Business Flow and Data Flow

iS-RPA Studio supports displaying business nodes and data relationships within the same view, making business operations and data flow clear and intuitive, process understanding easier and process development smoother.

Generation of Process/Code in Natural Language

Users only need to articulate their requirements, and then the automation process and code will automatically be generated, truly achieving “zero-threshold” development, and helping businesses stride into the era of automation.

Multi-Type Development Modes

The Studio supports both “Novice Mode” and “Expert Mode”. Novices can drag and drop components for easier development entry, while the Expert Mode allows the use of third-party IDEs and encapsulated components, supporting debugging and Git for the enhancement of development efficiency.

Native Python Support

The Designer is compiled in Python language and perfectly integrates Python features, which supports cross-platform operation and facilitates rapid development by professional developers.

Easy to Learn, Easy of Use, Stable Accelerating the Automation Process

Different Systems and Applications Are Involved in Automation Process

iS-RPA can be deployed on both Windows and UOS, allowing unified management. It can capture all mainstream applications, and significantly expand the scope of automation.

Low development efficiency

iS-RPA Designer provides powerful and easy-to-use functions, greatly improving process development efficiency.

Lack of developers

iS-RPA provides many features such as dialogue generation processes, recording, and intelligent recommendations, making it accessible to everyone and possible to rapidly expand the development team.

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CPIC has joined hands with i-Search to embark on a comprehensive digital transformation, which starts with finance, develops with operations, and promotes with business.


Sinopec Shared Center and i-Search have formed a joint research and development on ultra-automation construction, covering business scenarios such as finance, tax, personnel, IT, etc., and launching the automation flywheel.


PICC established a RPA Center of Excellence (CoE), which uses a centralized and decentralized model to maximize the utilization of robot resources and efficiency.

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