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Index / News / Congratulations! i-Search benchmark customer Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank won the 2022 IDC China Financial Industry Technology Application Scenario Innovation "FinTech Breakthrough Award"
Congratulations! i-Search benchmark customer Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank won the 2022 IDC China Financial Industry Technology Application Scenario Innovation "FinTech Breakthrough Award"

Congratulations! i-Search benchmark customer Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank won the 2022 IDC China Financial Industry Technology Application Scenario Innovation "FinTech Breakthrough Award"

Beijing, August 29, 2022

——The IDC Financial Insights research team focuses on "open integration, digital trust, and smart finance" as the main research focus for 2022, continuously paying attention to the development and transformation of China's financial industry. The IDC China Financial Industry Technology Application Scenario Innovation Case Selection held this year is also based on this research theme, focusing on inclusive finance, sustainable finance/green finance, rural digital finance, financial core reconstruction, rural digital finance, intelligent operation and maintenance, financial digital people, asset management and wealth management, financial risk control and information security, data elements and privacy protection, and anti money laundering. Nearly 160 outstanding projects have entered the final evaluation stage, of which 36 have won awards. The award-winning institutions include state-owned banks, joint-stock banks, urban commercial banks, agricultural commercial banks, securities, insurance and other financial institutions of different types and sizes. Two thirds of the award-winning cases come from self recommendation by financial institutions, and one third are jointly recommended by financial institutions and technical service providers. This year's selection paid special attention to the cases submitted by financial technology companies in the stage of entrepreneurial growth, and a total of six "FinTech Breakthrough Awards" were selected as recognition.


Open Integration:

IDC believes that in the future, embedded financial services will be ubiquitous and penetrate into different scenarios of people's lives and industries. Financial institutions need to achieve a leap towards open finance through the integration of financial services and scenarios in an ecosystem involving regulatory agencies and collaboration with technical partners. In 2022, the research team conducted in-depth cooperation with Ping An Bank and Online Commercial Bank, conducting in-depth research and research on areas such as open banking and small and micro financial technology. At the same time, the analyst team also focuses on industrial finance and rural finance, sorting out the construction path and development trend of industrial finance, and conducting research on innovative practices of rural digital finance.

Digital Trust:

According to the IDC Future Trust Research Framework, the foundation for enterprises to achieve trust comes from the assessment and control of risks, IT asset security and compliance, and proactive management of enterprise ESG and privacy protection. IDC focuses on the development of these key links and the business opportunities they bring. The financial industry research team is also conducting in-depth research on hot areas such as anti fraud, information and network security, and privacy protection computing in their 2022 research.


Intelligent finance:

Industry users have never stopped trying to implement process optimization in financial scenarios such as risk control, marketing, customer service, operations and payments, as well as within organizations through digital technologies and capabilities such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and blockchain. The impact of the epidemic is accelerating this process. In response to this trend, the IDC financial industry research team has not only added relevant market segment analysis in the China Banking IT Solution Market Share Report, but also is about to launch practical insights into intelligent operation and maintenance in the financial industry.


2022 IDC China Financial Industry Technology Application Scenario Innovation "FinTech Breakthrough Award"


The "FinTech Breakthrough Award" conducted a special evaluation of recommended cases from entrepreneurial and growth oriented fintech companies. The selected cases were selected for their innovative practices in big data BI, DevSecOps, IPA, OCR/NLP, and alternative data enabling risk control and inclusive finance.


Awarding Institution: Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd

Award winning project: pre loan investigation robot for business e-loan

The project aimed at the problems of the bank's fast loan product provider's e-loan products, such as cumbersome pre loan investigation operation and low process efficiency, and integrated IPA and other cutting-edge financial technology means to create a pre loan robot for business e-loan exemption, significantly improving the efficiency of pre loan investigation, further effectively reducing the operating burden of small and micro enterprises, and effectively reducing the operating costs of enterprises.
Gao Fei, Research Director of IDC's China Financial Industry, said: The research on the IDC financial industry is based on technology and innovation, as well as industry trends. The selection of the 'IDC China FinTech 50' list is more focused on the dimension of technology output. Through this list, we hope to gain a deeper understanding of how fintech service providers can use technology innovation to solve key business pain points in financial scenarios, enhance the digital capabilities and business growth of financial institutions with differentiated services and market positioning, and comprehensively understand the overall situation of China's fintech ecosystem. The 50 companies on this year's list include four different types of financial technology service providers defined by IDC: four financial IT service providers with years of experience in the fields of banking, insurance, securities, and capital markets, six technology subsidiaries of financial institutions (including consumer finance), and four companies with internet genes that empower financial business scenarios through technology; And 36 emerging technology finance companies that focus on vertical financial scenarios and break through and innovate in segmented tracks

*The above reported content is sourced from IDC China