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Index / News / Industry Report | Art Competition Flag Selected for Gartner RPA Magic Quadrant China Edition
Industry Report | Art Competition Flag Selected for Gartner RPA Magic Quadrant China Edition

Industry Report | Art Competition Flag Selected for Gartner RPA Magic Quadrant China Edition

  Recently, international authoritative consulting firm Gartner released the RPA Magic Quadrant China version for the Chinese market. Showcased the market situation in the field of process automation in China, providing guidance for RPA selection in the Chinese market. i-Search was selected for the 2022 Gartner RPA Magic Quadrant China Edition due to its outstanding product capabilities and forward-looking ecological cooperation layout.
  According to the Gartner RPA Magic Quadrant China report: i-Search is one of the first suppliers to enter the Chinese RPA market. It builds its RPA products by packaging Python based scripts into actionable UI, laying a solid foundation for expansion. The company has strengthened its ERP business process UX through a strategic alliance with Kingdee, one of China's largest ERP brands. The recently launched process mining products further support its Hyperautomation journey. It also collaborates with Nanjing University to build We have established an AI laboratory to expand the combined use of artificial intelligence and collaborated with Shanghai National Accounting College to develop intelligent financial processes

  Gartner is optimistic about the future RPA market, stating that it remains hot. Chinese RPA users should evaluate based on the differentiated characteristics of the Chinese market to select the most suitable RPA tool. Additionally, Gartner stated that the current use of a single RPA technology is no longer sufficient to meet market demand, and users should plan ahead for the expansion of RPA to Hyperautomation.

  The report points out that the process automation (RPA) software market in China has five characteristics that are different from the global market. Users should consider the following factors when evaluating RPA tools.

Differentiation characteristics of RPA in the Chinese market
1. Chinese RPA suppliers provide customized optimization functions for specific software in the Chinese market, such as WPS, DingTalk, etc;
2. Chinese RPA service providers can provide users with RPA hosting services to help them navigate the early stages of digital transformation;
3. Early RPA customers in China faced pressure to replace RPA suppliers due to the inability of their initial product selection to meet current business needs and the demand of state-owned enterprise Xinchuang;
4. Chinese RPA suppliers are willing to provide customized products according to the requirements of large customers;
5. Chinese RPA suppliers apply industry knowledge to provide customers with industry-specific scenario based integrated platform as a service (iPaas) solutions.
Gartner Supplier Selection Recommendations
1. For many Chinese customers, in order to reduce communication costs, it is necessary to choose a supplier that can provide Chinese service support based on the actual situation;
2. Before choosing RPA products, customers must first decide whether they will adopt a national development or professional development model to choose the most suitable product supplier;
3. Select suppliers with consulting service capabilities; 
4. When selecting suppliers, prioritize long-term partners who can ensure continuous service quality;
5. Plan ahead for the expansion of RPA to Hyperautomation.

In the 2021 China RPA+AI Software Market Share Report released by globally renowned consulting firm IDC, i-Search ranks among the top three. i-Search has been selected as a case manufacturer in the Gartner "Hype Cycle" RPA field for four consecutive years, and has been selected for the "RPA Magic Quadrant China Edition" report. i-Search's industry-leading position has once again been recognized by international authoritative consulting agencies.
At present, i-Search has actively laid out super automation tracks based on its rich practical experience in the field of automation over the years, and has formed a new version of Hyperautomation products with a combination of iS-CDA (desktop behavior analysis), iS-RPM (robot process mining), and iS-RPA (robot process automation). Provide end-to-end ultra automated products for enterprise users around four aspects: behavior collection, behavior analysis, behavior discovery, and behavior substitution.