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Index / News / Art competition flag ranks in the top three! IDC Releases "2021 China RPA+AI Software Market Share Ranking" Report
Art competition flag ranks in the top three! IDC Releases "2021 China RPA+AI Software Market Share Ranking" Report

Art competition flag ranks in the top three! IDC Releases "2021 China RPA+AI Software Market Share Ranking" Report

  IDC China 2021 RPA+AI Software Market Share Analysis Report
  Recently, IDC, an international data company, released a report on the market share and forecast analysis of China's RPA+AI software in 2021. As a leading software manufacturer in the RPA+AI industry in China, i-Search ranks among the top three in the domestic RPA+AI market share, once again demonstrating its hardcore strength as a leading player in the RPA track. (Market share ranking source: provided by IDC)
  The report points out that the market size of RPA+AI software in China in 2021 was 260 million US dollars, an increase of 52.1% compared to the previous year. It is expected that the RPA+AI software market in China will maintain a high growth rate in the next few years, with a compound growth rate of over 50% expected in the next five years. In recent years, the Chinese RPA+AI market has steadily grown, and Chinese technology companies with RPA and AI technologies are actively expanding in the RPA+AI field, which will greatly promote the development and maturity of the Chinese RPA market.
  i-Search's revenue model has successfully transformed
  The license fee for RPA software usually includes two modes: annual subscription and one-time buyout. International mainstream RPA manufacturers typically have a high proportion of revenue from subscription services. This model faces the problem of lower initial revenue compared to the project based one-time buyout fee model, but once long-term cooperation with enterprises is established, stable and sustainable income can be generated every year. Especially for large enterprise customers, after entering, as the application matures and the number of scenarios increases, after a cultivation period of about three years, they can form a sustained income of scale. i-Search has established an annual subscription model as the mainstream charging model since 2019, with ARR as the key operating indicator. In the early stage of the transformation from a buyout based revenue model to a subscription based revenue model, it also faced issues such as slower revenue growth and low user acceptance of the subscription model. After nearly three years of customer accumulation and cultivation, the compound growth rate of RPA's annual subscription revenue has maintained a high growth rate of over 200%, ranking among the top three in IDC's China RPA+AI market share, which also marks the successful transformation of i-Search's revenue model.
  This year, i-Search released its Process Mining (iS-RPM) product, and recently, the Kingdee Cloud · Sky RPA public cloud version jointly released with Kingdee has also been officially launched. Surrounding the three major product combinations of desktop behavior analysis software (iS-CDA), robot process automation software (iS-RPA), and robot process mining software (iS-RPM), supported by strong technological strength, i-Search will maintain a faster compound growth rate of annual subscription revenue!
  Art Competition Flag&RPA+AI
  As a leading high-tech software enterprise in China, i-Search adheres to a solution focused on RPA+AI, empowering the digital transformation of the enterprise.
  Shanghai i-Search Software Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, with its headquarters located in Shanghai and research and development center located in Nanjing. It has branches in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and other places. For many years, the company has adhered to a customer-centric business strategy and independent research and development, with dozens of invention patents. The company has formed a product portfolio of desktop behavior analysis software (iS-CDA), machine human process automation software (iS-RPA), and robot process mining software (iS-RPM) around the product evolution path of user behavior discovery, behavior assistance, and behavior substitution. In 2018, i-Search AI Intelligence Research Institute was jointly established with the School of Artificial Intelligence at Nanjing University. It conducts research in the fields of OCR, NLP, machine learning, and data mining, focusing on the direction of Hyperautomation. It has acquired various AI abilities such as intelligent recognition ability, behavioral intention understanding ability, interface language understanding ability, process mining and business modeling ability.

  In terms of products, i-Search provides an end-to-end intelligent automation platform, covering automated full lifecycle management services such as process mining optimization, automation opportunity identification, process design, process operation, process management, and process analysis. IS-RPA is based on a three piece set of designers, robots, and management platform RPA. It integrates the automation capabilities of UI+API and combines AI capabilities such as OCR, NLP, and CV to achieve full lifecycle management of requirement discovery, design, operation, management, and analysis. IS-RPM integrates AI technologies such as business similarity, intelligent process recommendation, and machine learning to analyze, optimize, and remake end-to-end processes through process mining. Through task mining, automation opportunities can be directly identified for bottlenecks in processes, visualized business process automation documents and engineering can be directly generated, RPA robots can be quickly generated, and each step and time consumed can be displayed to help customers intuitively analyze the time saved and operational costs after adopting RPA. IS-CDA adopts a privacy first technology architecture, which combines computer vision to analyze processes by observing tasks on computer screens. It can effectively solve the problems of low data quality, high integration difficulty, and invisible steps in process mining technology based on log analysis. In 2021, i-Search signed a strategic contract with a large domestic ERP manufacturer, Kingdee, to jointly launch a public cloud version of RPA in the direction of EPR, process mining, task mining, and RPA, creating an out of the box application platform, aPaaS (Application Platform as a Service), to serve Kingdee's over 6.8 million enterprise users. In the future, i-Search will continue to carry out technological and product innovation in the direction of localization, application standardization, and product cloudization, promote ecological cooperation, accelerate the transformation of enterprise digital productivity to intelligence, and help customers achieve success.
  Jointly building an ecological network to help RPA+AI better implement
  The "2021 China RPA+AI Software Market Share Ranking" report released by IDC fully reflects the strength of Art Competition's RPA+AI in the Chinese market. i-Search currently serves over 500 domestic and international customers, including more than 30 Fortune Global 500 companies and more than 70 Chinese Fortune 500 companies. i-Search closely focuses on the direction of localization, standardization, and cloud based products, and has collaborated with authoritative institutions such as Kingdee, China Academy of Information and Communications, and Shanghai National Institute of Accounting to create a customer-centric ecological service system. i-Search collaborates with strategic clients, consulting service institutions, research schools, ISVs, application vendors, operating system vendors, and other partners to jointly build an ecological network and comprehensively promote the digital transformation of enterprises.