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Discovery and Evaluation

Capable of in-depth analysis and optimization of processes to enhance efficiency and accuracy


We enhance efficiency, achieve business process automation, optimization, and high scalability


Industry Solutions

Deeply involved in industries such as finance, energy, manufacturing, etc

General Solutions

Cases and solutions for departments or business functions such as finance、HR、and customer service

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Ensure data security, respect behavior privacy, and improve work efficiency

Multimedia content quality inspection

An innovative quality inspection solution that combines voice quality inspection and screen recording to provide you with more comprehensive and accurate quality inspection analysis. With emphasis on data security and privacy protection, it records both the phone call content and the operator's screen activity simultaneously.

Increase Work Ffficiency

iS-CDA can record employees’ keyboard input, mouse clicks, and other operations, automatically calculate work efficiency indicators, and generate work reports; help management personnel make decisions, and optimize resource allocation, task allocation, and team collaboration.

Secure Work From Home

Record the behavior and actions of employees working from home in front of computer screens, while detecting the content of the screen. When employees are found to have dangerous behaviors such as taking photos on their phones, copying at work, leaving work, or having multiple people in the same frame, and sensitive information is displayed on the screen, alarm and block them to help improve the safety and compliance management of working from home and reduce the risk of information leakage.

Intelligent Security

Through recording the entire desktop behavior of internal personnel, iS-CDA can help enterprises to prevent unknown internal and external threats, safeguard enterprise information security, and assist in enterprise compliance and risk control construction.

localization adaptation

It has fully supported the compatibility and adaptation of operating systems such as UOS and KylinOS, providing you with comprehensive user behavior data.

Pain Points and Solutions in the Construction of Enterprise Business Processes

Lack of supervision of employee behavior

Achieve the visualization of audit tracing

  1. Pain point 1: Difficulty in obtaining evidence in business disputes
  2. Pain point 2: Traditional audit methods are time-consuming and labor-intensive
  3. Pain point 3: Difficulty in verifying and locating user behavior by tracing back

Increased risk of internal control failure

Create a closed-loop internal control system for enterprises

  1. Pain point 1: Lack the management of employees’ behavior in enterprises
  2. Pain point 2: Difficulty in detecting abnormal behavior of employees in time
  3. Pain point 3: Serious consequences caused by rule-breaking operations.

Difficulty in analyzing work efficiency

Analyze user efficiency in multiple dimensions

  1. Pain point 1: Lack of objective work evaluation basis
  2. Pain point 2: The efficiency of staff’s office work is encountering bottlenecks
  3. Pain point 3: Difficulty in detecting false reporting of working hours by outsourcing teams

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i-Search provides a complete set of business process automation and desktop behavior monitoring solutions for Huawei.

Ping An Bank

i-Search’s CDA desktop behavioural solution helps the Ping An Bank to strengthen its internal control management within the industry and prevent business operational risks.


i-Search and SPD Bank jointly build “One factory, Multiple tenants” based on the SPD cloud platform, exploring and promoting the practice of hyperautomation together.

Hyperautomation solutions

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