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Index / News / i-Search was rated as the leader of Chinese RPA manufacturers! IDC MarketScape2021 Assessment
i-Search was rated as the leader of Chinese RPA manufacturers! IDC MarketScape2021 Assessment

i-Search was rated as the leader of Chinese RPA manufacturers! IDC MarketScape2021 Assessment

  International Data Corporation (IDC) first launched the "IDC MarketScape: Evaluation of Chinese RPA Software Platform Vendors, 2021" study in January 2021, and the final research results were released in July 2021. IDC MarketScape typically categorizes the evaluated RPA vendors into four categories: leaders, major vendors, competitors, and participants, ultimately determining that i-Search is in a leading position in the 2021 Chinese RPA software market vendor evaluation. Meanwhile, IDC stated that more RPA and AI technology companies are actively deploying RPA+AI technology, which will greatly promote the development and maturity of the Chinese RPA market. Technology suppliers have also built RPA software platforms with independent intellectual property rights to create differentiated advantages.
  As a report by internationally renowned consulting firm Gartner, i-Search has been selected as a case manufacturer in the Gartner Hype Cycle "RPA" field for two consecutive years in 2019 and 2020. It has provided RPA services to over 30 Fortune 500 clients. At the same time, i-Search has also been committed to research in the field of RPA+AI, actively collaborating with Kingdee China, Shanghai National Accounting College, and other enterprises in the field of RPA+AI to jointly create new application achievements. On August 5th, at the "Acceleration of Digital Finance, From RPA to RPA Financial Robot" themed forum held at the Shanghai National Accounting Institute, i-Search will also share RPA's solutions and cutting-edge achievements in the field of intelligent finance with the Shanghai National Congress, Kingdee, Haitong Securities, and Sinopec.
  About IDC and IDC MarketScape
  IDC is a subsidiary of IDG, a leading global media publishing, exhibition services, and research consulting company. We are currently a leading global provider of professional market research, consulting services, and exhibition events in the fields of information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology. IDC has over 1100 analysts worldwide who provide global, regional, and localized professional advice on technology and industry development opportunities and trends in over 110 countries, helping IT professionals, business executives, and investment institutions formulate factual technology procurement decisions and business development strategies.
   The IDC MarketScape supplier evaluation model aims to provide an overview of the competitiveness of information and communication technology (ICT) suppliers in specific markets. The research method adopts strict qualitative and quantitative standard scoring methods, using a single graphic to illustrate the position of each supplier in a specific market.
  IDC MarketScape provides a clear framework for meaningful comparisons of IT and information communication technology suppliers' products, services, capabilities, and strategies, as well as current and future market success factors. This framework also provides a 360 degree evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of current or potential suppliers for technology buyers, providing reference for technology buyers.