Enterprise Platform

We provide intelligent and standardized solutions, helping you achieve outstanding business automation

Discovery and Evaluation

Capable of in-depth analysis and optimization of processes to enhance efficiency and accuracy


We enhance efficiency, achieve business process automation, optimization, and high scalability


Industry Solutions

Deeply involved in industries such as finance, energy, manufacturing, etc

General Solutions

Cases and solutions for departments or business functions such as finance、HR、and customer service

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Standard application
How to help enterprises succeed

Make Automation Available for Business Personal

The standard application platform boasts rich out-of-the-box RPA applications, covering various business areas, such as accounting, human resources, finance, insurance, operations, and so on. With one-click access, users can immediately enjoy the convenience of intelligent RPA standard applications, making workflows easier and more efficient.


Provide Efficient and Intelligent Robot Assistant

Intelligent application robots can help business personnel understand automation and automatically fill in complex parameters, creating automated tasks anytime and anywhere; based on AI intelligence and web cloud-native capabilities, the robots can support multiple business processes to run 24 hours without stopping.


Visualize the Running of Business Processes

By monitoring and analyzing the real-time status and performance of business processes through a visual interface, business personnel can easily understand and identify problems, make decisions, and take actions more quickly, thereby improving the efficiency and quality of business processes.


More Robot Options

E-bank Robot

Capable of automatically performing various online banking operations, including automatically obtaining information such as transaction flow, balance, and electronic receipts, and automatically importing them into ERP (Kingdee, UFIDA, SAP, etc.) systems to ensure data timeliness and consistency.

Multi-Channel Reconciliation Robot

With reconciliation efficiency becoming a key link in the sales data chain of e-commerce, catering and other pan-consumer industries, multi-channel reconciliation robot can realize automatic reconciliation between the sales order system and payment channels. It can also quickly realize the reconciliation business of Alipay, WeChat, Meituan, Tiktok and other payment channels.