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Vision-based interface CV recognition and operation

With the support of i-Search’s AI capabilities, you can achieve interface understanding through visual analysis (CV) regardless of application type and control type, complete the task of segmenting interface areas, finding actionable text, icons, and input boxes, and understand their relative position and logical relationship, thus achieving universal picking, recording, data acquisition, and playback operations.

The Application Does Not Support Interface Pickup

Use CV pickup to realize interface recognition and operation.

Remote Desktop Applications Cannot Be Effectively Adapted

CV pickup does not need to consider the operating system, application program, and remote tool of the remote system. Similar to human visual analysis methods, it has strong universality.

Webpage Environment Changes

To avoid changing users’ habits, there is often little change in the visual level; the CV pickup has a particularly effective effect in countering changes in the structure of the webpage.

The Combination of RPA and Large Models: Achieving Automated Processes Writing in Natural Language

You only need to write your requirements in natural language in the Studio, and with the content generation capability based on LLM provided by i-Search, you can easily generate your own process in minutes.

When learning is difficult

By enabling users to describe requirements in natural language, automatically generate processes, and then debug processing, users can learn and get started quickly, as well as improve efficiency.

When you don't know how to process data tables

Users can ask i-Search intelligent assistant about your processing needs and it can help you generate usable code on your own.

When errors occur

Users can ask i-Search intelligent assistant with one click. It can read your program, provide modification suggestions, patiently explain to you how to avoid such errors, and help you form good writing habits.

Understand Operations and Analyze Processes

The AI capabilities of i-Search need to deal with a series of challenges such as the complexity of webpage operation content, thousands of task log data, and the inability to distinguish which processes are worth analyzing.

When dealing with massive data

Remove noise based on AI Adopt operation similarity analysis and log summary generation based on AI capabilities Analyze key process nodes based on context.

One-click to analysis process

Automate process segmentation and process visualization based on AI Analyze process and achieve ROI automation.

One-click to generate analysis report

Write your analysis goals in natural language, automatically create multiple charts that point to your analysis goals, and create a dashboard. You only need to focus on the conclusions.