Solutions for energy and power industry

As early as 2018, the financial sharing company of our group began to deploy i-Search RPA robots successively. Up to now, the RPA project has been implemented in three phases, with a total of 94 online robots, 151 development processes and 11,000 labor hours per month.

—A leader of finance sharing company of an energy enterprise

Application prospect of energy and power industry

Intelligent software has played a great role in the energy and power industry. Unlike other industries, the energy and power industry not only needs RPA to help them solve process automation problems, but also needs to improve the timeliness and accuracy of processes.

iS-RPA can be applied to these simple, stylized and low value-added jobs, liberating labor, improving efficiency, reducing processing time by at least 50% and saving operating expenses. 7 * 24-hour uninterrupted operation to solve the need of users at the first time.

iS-RPA application scene cases

It has rich applications in many more scenes such as business system data tracking, checking, processing, automatic generation of customized reports, business operation automation and so on.

Changes iS-RPA brings to the energy and power industry

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