Solutions for operators

In modern communication business, if customer service is not done well, customers will soon abandon you. The application of i-Search RPA in our group, call center, finance, operation and maintenance and other departments has significantly improved customer service satisfaction.

—Head of Information Technology Department of an operator

Industry application prospect of operators

Telecom companies are increasingly facing the needs of people to connect with diversified global networks. In addition to providing faster, affordable and innovative services, operators need to deal with the needs of cross-system data processing, data management, cost control and business agility brought by the rapid growth of business. Once an error occurs, the service delivery is delayed, and then the tracking business is difficult, the customer satisfaction is reduced, resulting in a large loss of users.

RPA technology can be called the "golden partner" of operators' business development because of its non-invasive and AI scalability. It can realize automation and intelligence based on rules, repetitive, cumbersome and real-time digital business processes, so as to save time, improve efficiency and optimize operation costs, and improve operators' response capacity to industry changes.

iS-RPA application scene cases

It has rich applications in many scenes such as order management, data security, IT operation and maintenance of operators.

Changes iS-RPA brings to the energy and power industry

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