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i-Search and Tongxin Software signed a strategic contract to build a new ecosystem of localized operating systems

  At the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, i-Search signed a strategic contract with the domestic operating system Tongxin Software, which will realize the full adaptation of  i-Search iS-RPA , iS-CDA and other products with the Tongxin system. Expand the application ecosystem of localized operating systems, so that more companies can share the dividends of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, and jointly build a new ecosystem of information technology application innovation. The strategic contract between  i-Search and Tongxin Software is the first time that  i-Search won the bid for Huaxia Bank’s RPA project and deployed RPA on the localized operating system for the first time. .


  Strategic contract


  As the trend of economic globalization continues to deepen, the issue of information security has become increasingly prominent. Independent research and development of operating systems is related to national security and market interests, but it has always been a shortcoming of the domestic technology industry. According to data from the market research company IDC, Microsoft, Apple, and Google will occupy 98.8% of the global operating system market in 2020. In the domestic market, the shares of the three companies also exceed 95%. The problem of neck-stuck in the operating system field has become increasingly prominent. The call for PC terminals and mobile terminal operating systems with independent technical intellectual property rights has become increasingly strong.


  The operating system is the core of the computer system and one of the foundations of the information security industry. In this context, the Chinese basic software company Tongxin Software with the mission of "creating a Chinese operating system innovation ecosystem" was established in 2019, focusing on the R&D and services of basic software such as operating systems.


  As a growing domestic operating system, in order to raise the threshold of being replaced, what is urgently needed to solve is the adaptation of software, that is, to build a localized "ecology" to ensure that more software that users use daily can run on domestic platforms. As an important step in continuing to deepen the ecosystem of the Tongxin system, the strategic contract between  i-Search and Tongxin Software will further enhance the ecological capabilities of Tongxin and help the ecological construction of localized operating systems. It is reported that Tongxin has achieved strategic cooperation with many excellent domestic chip manufacturers, complete machine manufacturers, and software manufacturers including  i-Search, and has completed the compatibility and adaptation of many enterprise products including Lenovo, Tencent, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Kingdee. Sex work.




  At present, Tongxin has provided thousands of units in key industries such as government, defense, finance, energy, transportation, telecommunications, education, etc., providing systematic products and services covering operating systems, solutions, and customization. In 2020, the cumulative installed capacity of Tongxin UOS will exceed 1 million. Tongxin UOS has been able to replace the Windows system in daily use, and has the characteristics of simple switching and low cost.


  As a leading RPA company in China,  i-Search has established many typical RPA cases in the fields of finance, operators, energy, power, and manufacturing, and has provided RPA services to more than 30 Fortune 500 customers. The user portraits of Tongxin Software and RPA users have a high degree of similarity. The UOS ecosystem with information security as the deep starting point will inevitably embrace the blessing of RPA technology applications, in order to solve the strong demand of customers for process automation under the UOS ecosystem.  i-Search many successful cases will also continue to help Tongxin customers accelerate the deployment and construction of RPA on domestic operating systems, and maximize the potential of RPA robots.


  The strong alliance between  i-Searchand Tongxin will continue to help Tongxin UOS raise the barriers to competition and strengthen its coverage and comprehensiveness. The two parties will also jointly enhance the hard power of localized operating systems, break foreign technology monopolies, and provide the most solid foundation for network security and national interests.