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New products come out, leading cooperation, i-search flag shines at the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference

  On July 7, at the event day of exhibitors at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Shanghai i-Search Software Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as i-Search) successively joined forces with Taiping Financial Operation Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Taiping Jinyun), Tongxin Software Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tongxin Software) signed a strategic cooperation agreement and jointly released Kingdee Cloud·Sky RPA with Kingdee Software (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kingdee) At the same time, i-Search also released a new product iS-CDA desktop behavior analysis system in the field of artificial intelligence for the entire industry.
  Taking the World Artificial Intelligence Conference as an opportunity, i-Search displayed the latest technology and rich landing scenarios in the field of RPA and artificial intelligence in the past year, as well as the results of cooperation under "focusing on industry and building ecology".
  Strategic signing and new product release i-Search RPA has achieved outstanding results
  The event officially started at 13:30 with Lin Weile, Deputy General Manager of Taiping Gold, Wu Haibin, Deputy General Manager of Customer Service Center, Zhou Liang, General Manager of Business Management Department, An Dongwei, Life Insurance Operations Department, Zhao Maohua, General Manager of Kingdee Shanghai, and Cangqiong Platform Zhao Yong, Technical Director of Solution Department, Wu Genghao, Cangqiong Platform Solution Director, Li Chaoyang, Deputy General Manager of Tongxin Software, Zhu Jianzhong, General Manager of Strategic Cooperation Department, i-Search CEO Tang Qisong, Senior Vice President Wu Huaiyu, Senior Vice President Wang Yuqing, Senior Vice President Wu Xin and Senior Vice President Liu Jiming attended this signing conference.
  Focusing on the industry and building an ecosystem is an important strategic step for i-Search. This time i-Search has signed a strategic contract with multiple parties and released the latest cooperation results. It is intended to expand the enterprise cooperation ecosystem, share the results of RPA applications, and achieve cost reductions for more companies Empowerment in terms of efficiency.
  First, Kingdee Wu Genghao introduced Kingdee Cloud·Sky RPA. At the 2021 Kingdee Cloud·Sky Summit on May 8th this year, i-Search received a strategic investment of over 100 million yuan from Kingdee. The two parties signed a business agreement on RPA and other related products on the spot, and officially announced that the two parties are in the cloud intelligence + RPA Cooperation in the field will jointly release Kingdee Cloud·Sky RPA product solutions.
  After several months of polishing the product, Kingdee Cloud·Sky RPA was officially released at this event, which will further enhance the automation and intelligence capabilities of the Sky platform. Cooperating with i-Search to achieve complementary advantages, it will further build digital productivity for enterprises through Kingdee Cloud·Sky RPA and improve enterprise energy efficiency. Currently, Kingdee Cloud·Sky RPA products have been applied in super large enterprises such as Vanke, Wen Group, Gemdale Group, and China Post.
  Subsequently, i-Search Wu Huaiyu and Wang Yuqing successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with Taiping Jinyun Wu Haibin and Tongxin Software Zhu Jianzhong.
  Since 2018, the first RPA application scenario was launched in Taiping Jinyun, opening a new path for automated operations. After several years of in-depth deployment, the customer service center, life insurance operations and other scenarios have been rapidly expanded, and AI, big data and other technologies have been integrated. The operation process robot brand "Ruzi Niu" created by i-Search assisted Taiping Jinyun to be launched at the event site , Establish a management and control mechanism for “digital employees”, and continue to explore the in-depth application of automation and intelligence in operation processes.
  As a leader in domestic operating systems, Tongxin UOS operating system has been widely used in various industries to solve national independent intellectual property rights and information security issues. Tongxin has now achieved product compatibility and adaptation with many outstanding domestic chip manufacturers, complete machine manufacturers, and software manufacturers, such as Lenovo, Tencent, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Kingdee. The strategic cooperation between i-Search and Tongxin Software will realize the comprehensive adaptation between i-Search's iS-RPA, iS-CDA and other products and the Tongxin system, aiming to expand the application ecosystem of localized operating systems and allow More companies share the dividends of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, and work together to build a new ecosystem of information technology application innovation.
  Finally, as the finishing touch of i-Search's participation in this World Artificial Intelligence Conference, i-Search Wu Xin introduced to the guests the latest product iS-CDA (Centralized Desktop Analysis) desktop behavior analysis system combined with i-Search and artificial intelligence. . iS-CDA uses artificial intelligence technology to truly and comprehensively record human behavior through visual screen recording, user behavior digitization, and intelligent behavior analysis based on big data, helping companies prevent information leakage and avoid commercial fraud. At the same time, based on rich business behavior collection and process algorithm analysis capabilities, it helps companies realize intelligent mining of business processes, evaluates the feasibility of automation, and automatically generates RPA processes to promote the construction of RPA digital labor.
  At the event site, Taiping Jinyunlin was happy, Kingdee Zhao Yong, Tongxin Software Li Chaoyang, i-Search Wu Huaiyu, Wang Yuqing, and Wu Xin jointly launched the joint release of i-Search iS-CDA and Kingdee Cloud·Sky RPA to witness the highlight moment.
  Focus on the industry to create an ecological RPA artificial intelligence to help improve business capabilities
  At present, a new round of technological innovation represented by cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc. is fully infiltrating, promoting the integration of the digital economy and the real economy, and digital transformation has become the only way for enterprises. However, the difficulty of fusion between different technology platforms and the difficulty of data sorting make it impossible to make better use of the data value brought by many innovative technologies. The new pain points brought by new technologies can be perfectly complemented by RPA robots.
  RPA is an important starting point for digital transformation. Its non-intrusive nature makes it unnecessary to modify the original IT system of the enterprise. Users do not need to master programming skills, and the whole process from definition to launch can be realized in a few weeks. RPA can easily automate those rule-based and repetitive businesses, improve execution efficiency and accuracy, and dispatch employees to more valuable work to improve business operation efficiency and achieve cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.
  With its technological leadership, i-Search, established in 2011, has firmly established its position as the leader of domestic RPA in the fierce market competition. In the fields of finance, operators, energy, power, manufacturing, etc., many typical RPA cases have been established, and RPA services have been provided to more than 30 Fortune 500 customers. In order to allow more companies and even individuals to use i-Search RPA, i-Search has invested a lot of technology in the ease of use and learning of products.
  Product launch site
  Taiping Jinyun, Kingdee, and Tongxin value the technical advantages and industry experience of i-Search in the field of RPA. As an important product form of artificial intelligence landing enterprise services, RPA is reshaping business processes and helping through the automation of business and IT processes. Enterprises build their own intelligent productivity platform, master the transformation capabilities of automation and intelligent core business, and bring new growth momentum to the enterprise.
  The strong alliance between i-Search and Taiping Jinyun, Kingdee, and Tongxin will further utilize their respective technologies and customer advantages, strengthen the existing ecosystem of partners with RPA technology, and create intelligent and efficient robot application products. Enriching i-Search’s strategic achievements of “focusing on industry and building ecology”, helping more companies build innovative business levels and reshape smart productivity.