Solutions for manufacturing industry

Do auditing in supply chain, capital verification at the financial end and automatic bill issuance at retail end. i-Search RPA involves almost all automation links of all industrial chains of our enterprise, realizing the cost optimization of the whole industrial chain.

——Responsible person of information technology Department of a manufacturing enterprise

Application prospect of manufacturing industry

For a long time, the manufacturing industry has always been the pillar industry of global economy. Although many manufacturing enterprises have realized full automation or semi automation of production and assembly, in the time-intensive processes supporting the production line, many other processes such as procurement, payment, regulatory compliance and supply chain management still rely heavily on manual processing, and the efficiency of manual processing also directly affects the operation of domestic and even global supply chain.

In order to overcome these pain points and maintain the competitiveness of enterprises, many manufacturing enterprises turn to RPA to improve flexibility and simplify operation in the whole value chain, improve enterprise operation efficiency and reduce operation costs.

iS-RPA application scene cases

It has rich applications in other automation scenes such as finance, bills and order management in the manufacturing industry

Changes iS-RPA brings to the energy and power industry

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