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In our Phase II RPA project, more than 70 RPA scenes have been implemented in 12 departments such as planning and finance department, audit and compliance department, network finance department and credit card center. These scenes have comprehensively optimized our business processes, improved operational efficiency and saved a lot of costs.

———Head of Information Technology Department of a bank

Application prospect of financial industry

The financial industry with massive data has always been the "pioneer" of global digital transformation. According to the data of Gartner's survey on investment and application trend of innovative technologies in 167 well-known financial organizations around the world in November 2020. Mature RPA is one of the four innovative technologies with the strongest investment desire in the financial industry.

As an emerging "digital labor force", RPA can replace or assist people to complete repetitive labor with clear rules, and can be deployed quickly and flexibly, respond to business needs in time, greatly improve business process efficiency, reduce error risk of manual operation, and realize the automation and intelligence of financial institution processes, so as to reduce costs and increase efficiency. At the same time, it can avoid business risks, provide more in-depth market analysis, and realize the differentiation of financial institutions in business and efficiency.
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iS-RPA application scene cases

It has rich applications in more departments such as banking operation management, planning finance, network finance, human resources, asset management, auditing, credit card center and so on.

iS-RPA application scene cases

It has rich applications in other many departments such as insurance group policy, customer service center, claim settlement and underwriting

iS-RPA application scene cases

It has rich applications in other departments such as economic business of securities industry, investment banking, asset management and self-operated securities.

iS-RPA changes to the financial industry

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